Can I charter the boat by myself?

The Yacht’s insurance requires 2 people on board for the yacht to be chartered.

If I don’t have skipper qualifications, is it possible to hire a captain and/or chef?

Yes, but you need to make sure that the yacht you are booking has crew quarters or a crew cabin. If you want to hire a crew just let us know and we can arrange the best captains and chefs based on our excellent local insight. Today’s captains rate is around $175/per day and chef’s rate is $150/per day (gratuity isn’t included on the rate, and gratuity is excepted).

What qualifications/experience do I need?

You need the appropriate sailing qualifications for the size of yacht for your charter. To demonstrate that you have sufficient experience, we will need your sailing resume to be evaluated by the charter company before moving forward with the booking.

What is a Bareboat?

A bareboat is exactly that, bare or basic! You are able to charter the boat yourself (without a captain or crew) or with family and friends. If you imagine yourself at the helm of your own vacation then a bareboat charter is just right for you.

What’s included on my bareboat charter?

It has all of the basic essentials that you will need for your vacation. All linens are supplied, just like a hotel room and some of the charter companies supply beach towels as well. We suggest that you check the yacht specifications/equipment to familiarize yourself with the items on board. If you have specific requirements that you may need, feel free to ask and we can try to arrange it for you.

Is there a company that I can rent SUP, Kayaks, Fishing gear?

Yes, we recommend Island Surf & Sail

It is better to book your water toys before your arrival so that they are delivered during the yacht’s briefings and other preparations.

Can I pay for meals and drinks by Credit Card throughout the islands?

Yes, but you might want to inform your credit card company that you are in the Caribbean in order to prevent any issues with your card being declined for fraud reasons. Visa and Master Card are welcome throughout the islands.

Why do we have to pay for these Mandatory Extras costs?

Below outlines the various costs:

BVI Cruising Permit – This fee is collected by the BVI Government, it’s exactly like hotel tax per head. This fee is payable in cash on arrival.

December 1st - April 31st = $2.00
May 1st - November 30th = $0.75

The National Parks Trust Mooring Permit - This fee is collect by the BVI Government as the funds are utilized to maintain the moorings system throughout the National Park.

$25 per week up to 4 people
$35 per week up to 6 people
$45 per week up to 8 people
$55 per week for up to 10 people

Insurance – This fee covers the hull damage. The rate varies between charter companies and may also depend on the size of the yacht.

Security Deposit – This deposit will be return after the charter if items are not missing or displaced (such as a cockpit cushion missing, broken winches etc..) Pre-authorization on your credit card agreed upon arrival.

Sleep-Aboard - If the yacht is available the night before your charter, the charter company will allow you to sleep on board for a small cost.

Do the yachts have WiFi on board?

Yes, most of the Charter Companies offer WiFi installed on all their yachts. You can activate the service upon arrival through your credit card.

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