Sailing Catamaran Soon Come 62 Sleeps 8 Guests

Sleeps 8 Guests

During our annual boat show in November, I visited the Sun Reef 62 ft. catamaran charter “Soon Come."

Catamaran Soon Come is part of the BVI catamaran charters that feature state-of-the-art yacht charter designs with spacious accommodations and welcoming social areas both inside and out.

In my opinion, the most outstanding characteristic about this crewed catamaran is her amazing amount of usable, exterior space. I must say, a lot has been built in her 59 feet of length, including the aft cockpit, the forward trampolines, the fly-bridge lounge and all the interior cabins…And with all of these areas, the boat is huge!

Jos and Chrizaan both hail from Cape Town. They have been sailing and working together in the yacht industry in Turkey and the Greek Islands before moving to the British Virgin Islands. They are an experience charter crew with over 130+ weeks of charters under their belt. On board the luxury sailing catamaran Soon Come this team has the background to fully understand how a luxury floating yacht charter works. Jos and Chrizaan will exceed your charter expectations. Chrizaan is a qualified dive master and her diving experience stretches over a period of 14 years in which she has used her skills in the shark cage diving industry as well as working in the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.

Weekly Charter Rate: From 4 guests $22,500 to 8 guests $24,500


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See Guest’s Review:
“First of all, the charter was amazing.  The boat was incredible and beautifully maintained.  It was such a lovely yacht, and it truly stood out among all the other boats on the Caribbean.  Richard and Sarah were a wonderful team and were extremely gracious and accommodating of our family of 5.  I was amazed that in addition to all of their other duties, they found time to clean each room and bathroom on the yacht, keeping everything fresh and comfortable.

"Sarah is a phenomenal cook.  It is astounding what she can whip up in that tiny kitchen.  We were celebrating my husband’s 40th birthday, and she went to great lengths to make the day festive.  She decorated the boat, and had themed placemats and napkins, as well as a homemade chocolate cake to celebrate.  My husband is a chocoholic and loves soufflés, and somehow, she managed to make 5 perfect soufflés for his birthday that evening.  Every meal was superb, and Sarah was very perceptive and thoughtful about her food preparation, taking care to include or exclude certain ingredients depending on the person—including a picky vegetarian!"

The sights that we saw were breathtaking, and Richard and Sarah took care to cater to our family’s special requests of finding more “private” beaches and spending many hours tubing and pulling the paddleboard for the kids (ages 14, 12 and 10).  Richard even made extra stops for fuel to support these activities.  The scuba opportunities were also incredible and my husband and daughter were able to take 3 separate dives during the trip.  We could literally do most anything that was possible, and with the paradise-like backdrop, it was an ideal family vacation.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves—even me, the self-proclaimed land animal.  Even I couldn’t resist jumping in that gorgeous water at any opportunity.

This trip truly offers something for everyone.  We would certainly sail again with Richard and Sarah, and look forward to visiting the British Virgin Islands in the (hopefully) not so distant future.  :)  I highly recommend this charter!”

Alli and Byron, Sacramento, June ’14

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