Catamaran Vacoa Lagoon 620

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Catamaran Vacoa Lagoon 620 

Catamaran Vacoa is based in St Marteen during of the winter season, and welcomes charters from the Virgin Islands and Grenada. The crew aboard this Charter Catamaran Vacoa is energetic and keen on watersports. The addition of a yacht tender with 90 HP is perfect for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and knee-boarding.

The charter yacht’s flybridge delivers a sunbathing area complete with cushioned seating, sun loungers, a refrigerated bar for refreshments and breathtaking 360° uncluttered panoramic views.

The happy hour cocktails give you time to unwind at the flybridge taking in the sunset, cooling trade wind breezes and exceptional sea views. There are three crew members, which include professional chef, William Dobson with a portfolio that includes several Sheraton Hotels; executive chef for Hyatt International Hotels, and experience in cooking on board many luxury charter yachts throughout the Caribbean. This crew’s motto is ‘simple sophistication to ensure your enjoyment on the best sailing vacation ever.’

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