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Crewed Sailing Yacht Corus

Bill is an accomplished RYA skipper. He began sailing as a child on his father's ketch around Great Britain.

As a young lad Bill played a lot of rugby and cricket, later on he became a PADI Dive Master, and has since made thousands of dives. Bill and Ann have been working together for over 25 years in the hospitality industry.

Ann has been a chef most of her working career.  They are the best of the crop in the BVI charter industry and entertain their guests with enthusiasm and Ann plies them with gourmet cuisine and wonderful tropical cocktails.

Ann has won cooking competitions at our BVI Annual Boat Show three times!  She was judged by the best of BVI Chef's team and staff of New England Culinary School.

At the 2008 BVI boat show Ann earned third place for an entrée dish and second place for dessert.  Sailing Yacht Corus is a must experience to commemorate anniversaries, second honeymoons and more.

Each charter is special and important, all guests are always offered

Unlimited house champagne throughout the charter, A "Journal du Voyage" for guests to use as a personal diary of their experiences on Sailing Yacht Corus, a photo/video CD including snorkeling and scuba shots, genuine gourmet cooking - not necessarily rich or complex, sometimes simple, and always planned a la minute, using the finest ingredients available and not least private beach picnics

 Rates from $5,900 with max 2 guests

Chartering sailing yacht Corus in the BVI is a great way to learn more about sailing - hands on. Go snorkelling or scuba diving right off the boat. Or chill out on a well earned limin' kind of vacation.

It is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, enjoy a truly romantic honeymoon, or have a wonderful private wedding - either on the boat, on a beach, or ashore in a picturesque church. 

Live  you dream, charter a sailing yacht in the Caribbean right now!

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