Sailing Catamaran Nemo 47 ft. Sleeps 8

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Captain Andrea is an instructor for the Italian Sailing Federation and he's a fantastic teacher in case you are interested to learn some of the ropes of catamaran sailing.

On board the charter catamaran NEMO, he offers unique, exclusive, and eco-compatible sailing holidays in the Caribbean region.

Valentina is your super gifted chef who prepares outstanding Italian style meals. She has a special affinity for the fresh tastes of Mediterranean cuisine so many items are made from scratch on board. Try the fresh baked breads, the boat-made chocolates, and, while you are at it, how about a taste of Lemoncello, especially made for you. Valentina will make your charter experience a relaxing and satisfying adventure. She has a degree in foreign languages and speaks Italian, English and Spanish.
At the British Virgin Islands Charter Yacht's Show Chef’s competition Valentina obtained 3 cooking awards:
1st Prize – Best Use of Rum
2nd Prize – Best Starter
3rd Prize – Best Entrée



The Catamaran Nemo 47 is a “green” boat. They produce their own drinkable water by filtrating it with a specific reverse osmosis water clarifies to guarantee its purity. The huge environmental benefit is not to use and waste hundreds of plastic bottles. On board-produced water is kept cool (and sparkling if wanted) using glass bottles. The Crewed Catamaran Nemo 47 is also equipped with two 66 x 130 cm solar panels with 315 W/h energy production and two Aeolian generators that satisfy all the energy needs of common utilities such as lights, battery chargers, fridge and freezer. The solar energy accumulated during day time and the Aeolian one for every breezy moment; day and night provide ample power.

All inclusive weekly charter rate: From $12,800 up to $17,800 for 8 guests.

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