Through a wonderful course of events, we found Monique and Julian!  For over 15 years, they have helped us find our ‘Island Paradise’ getaway and have become our close friends.  Not only has SunFun BVI has always found the perfect sailboat for us to charter, but they have made all the transitions seamless from arrival in Tortola (whether by air or ferry) to provisioning our boat with everything we will need to enjoy our time in the BVI.  Monique manages to take care of all the arrangements with a simple elegance that transforms our vacations into the perfect experience.  Julian’s books about the BVI are the perfect roadmap for a wonderful time, not to mention the added fun of a coupon to enjoy a special tropical drink.  With so many places in the world to visit, we can only think of returning to one and that is vacationing with SunFun BVI.  Seeing Monique and Julian every year is more fun than a birthday party and whether we plan ahead or at the last minute, they always find create the perfect vacation for us!!

Annie and Brad Decker, Easton, MD,

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