Yachts with Crew

When searching for the utmost in yachting leisure, supreme ocean opulence and unmatched comfort while gliding over the dazzling waters of the BVI, a Crewed Yacht Charter is the sailing holiday for which you should angle.

We offer boating escapades complete with a spirited professional certified captain and an equally lively, delighted-to-please nautical crew that will furnish you a BVI ship-shape holiday to spoil you for life. Our approach is based on an all-inclusive resort at sea designed to raise the bar for any other sailing getaway you may choose to embark upon.

From personalized menus & beverages, to stopovers at specific islands & anchorages, up to exploring around renowned wrecks or playing with all kinds of fun water toys, all your whims and wishes will be catered to with blissful compliance by the on-board team while ensuring your total sea safety and comfort. You may even find yourself plotting how to avoid going home, preferring to float aimlessly, gently adrift on calm Caribbean waters.

Go ahead and chart a course towards your fanciest charter experience.

We can one-up your dream with our Crewed Yacht Charter reality anytime.

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