Yachts with Crew FAQs

Why should I book my charter through SunFunBVI?

Because we, SunFunBVI, know the crew more closely and personally than any other broker! We not only inspect the yachts annually, but we also get to know the crew as friends since we live in the islands together and the crews are part of our small island society. Knowing who they are makes our job much easier to recommend the yachts/crews that best match with you.  Also our services are Free to you, the guest. You will not be paying any additional costs for using our services.

Will a crewed yacht be private for honeymooners?

How can it be more romantic than for you and your spouse to be aboard a yacht at sea, stargazing into each other's eyes! Your affable crew is very aware of guest’s privacy at all times. There are quite a number of crewed yachts that cater exclusively for the Honeymooners, offering packages (gifts or special prices, please inquire) for the occasion.

I would like to help to sail the yacht, is that possible?

Of course! If you express your desire to help through the preferences sheet, we will advise the captain that you would like to be involved (and you may get inspired to take a course next time!)

We want to party? We want a quiet vacation to relax – is the crew adaptable with our group?

This is where we can assist. Our job is to match you with the crews that we have interviewed during our annual BVI boat show so we know precisely which crews will be most suitable for you.

Does the crew have their own cabin?

Yes, the crew will respect your space and privacy at all times.

We’ve never been on board a yacht. How do I know that a crewed charter is right for us?

To experience a crewed yacht sailing vacation is like to be on a luxurious floating hotel with a 360 degree uncluttered ocean view. The yacht’s amenities are just like your home, hot showers, spacious sleeping quarters, TV, DVD, IPod you name it; all at your fingers tips! To top it off you will be dined with elegant gourmet meals prepared to impress by a crew who endeavors to make you feel right at home.

What does difference between a crewed charter and captain only charter?

There is a huge difference in the services provide by both parties. The fully crewed charter yacht will have the captain and chef catering for all you needs including cleaning and cooking delicious gourmet meals. A captain-only charter provides the captain sailing the yacht only. All meals, provisioning and extras is you responsibility.

What is a crewed yacht charter?

A crewed yacht charter is a sailing vacation aboard a yacht with a full crew that consists of a captain and chef/hostess. Your crew is there to show you the exquisite charm of the British Virgin Islands through a fantastic sailing experience while catering for all of your meals and entertainment that is entirely based on your wishes.

Is a crewed yacht charter safe for young children?

A Caribbean sailing vacation is just like an open canvas for children of all ages, an exciting list water toys to enjoy and things to do, so much to learn about our beautiful environment.

What is the difference between a crewed yacht charter and a bareboat charter with a hired crew?

The difference is like Oil and Vinegar, they don’t mix. A crewed charter is a refined sailing vacation designed with you in mind aboard a luxurious yacht with many amenities; the crewed charter is the rich extra Virgin Olive Oil. A bareboat charter with a hired crew is like Vinegar, it’s a simple way to add a zing to your holiday. The features of the bareboat, as its name suggests, are fairly simple but it is equipped with all of the basics. Therefore hiring a freelance captain and a cook can be arranged to sail the boat and your prepare meals if you would like to have that option!





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